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  • Cool open center for continuous support
  • Comfortable in any position
  • Fully reclining open center with soothing neck rests

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  • 1 Cozy Curvy Pillow
  • 1 Fitted Egyptian Cotton pillow case
  • 1 Dr. Tiny companion pillow
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Cozy Curvy supports natural sleeping positions and movement. Our patented specialized pillow keeps you aligned, cool and comfortable all night long.

The Paradigm Shift – We move and sleep in different positions, but today’s pillows favor one, or they split the difference. This poor compromise doesn’t feel good in any position. Cozy Curvy solves this problem. Our advanced open center multi-contour design helps you sleep comfortably all night long.

Many things are over hyped, but we aim to be honest and clear. While this specialized pillow may not be for you, we believe it will help many people sleep and feel better. On March 22, 2022 Cozy Curvy was issued a utility patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO does not grant patents based on hype or fake claims.

Sliced solid core premium memory foam illustrates Cozy Curvy’s smarter form and function.

Fully Reclining Open Center – Our open center aligns your spine by letting your head fully recline. Curved NeckPads match and support the back of your neck. Your head is free to move within a safe range but protected from moving into stressful positions.

NeckPads 1+2 – Choose between two levels of back sleeping neck rests. Yes, short to long necks are always properly cared for 🙂

TruRest Plateaus lift your head, support your neck, and comfortably align your spine. Cool breathable hypoallergenic Tencel fabric adds to the luxurious feel.

NeckPads 3+4 – Choose between two levels of side sleeping neck rests. Again, short to long necks are always properly cared for 🙂

AirDips – Ventilating and pressure reducing dip shaped concave edges. AirDips help you breathe & look better by reducing pressure to nasal cavities and eye sockets. Your skin is further pampered by the gently touch of cool ultra soft Tencel fabric.

Section analysis reveal pressure reducing and supportive surfaces. These features help you sleep better.

Old pillows may cause stiff necks, fatigue and brain fog. When you turn they force your head to rock and roll. Poorly designed pillows stress, interrupt or disturb sleep. It’s time to upgrade to Cozy Curvy the Smarter Pillow.

GlidePads – Transitional surfaces shaped to help you move smoothly. GlidePads gently support your path. They balance your head and neck so you can glide to your favorite sleeping position.

Stress-free sleep – No other pillow guides your head and neck to cozy resting levels.

Shoulder Necklines 1+ 2 – The curved neckline extends to completely support the natural shape of your spine. The shoulder contour is designed to match and follow you. When you turn, the gently curved shoulder shape, keeps the sides of your neck fully supported. Select between shoulder necklines by turning Cozy Curvy 180°.

Cozy Curvy evenly distributes the weight of your head and neck. This principle enhances comfort.

Dr. Plotkin is an accomplished Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Sports Nutrition Consultant, and a team chiropractor for the University of Maryland Terrapins. He is also on the teaching faculty of the University of Maryland College Park, in the Kinesiology Department, where he has been teaching since 2008.

Note: video shows an earlier prototype, so Cozy Curvy may look a little different.

Ease Shoulder Pain – Try sleeping on your back or on the pain-free side. If you sleep on the painful side, let your torso take the weight off your shoulder.


Because it’s cute, fun and actually useful.

It’s shapeable – Sensory stimulation is not just for babies. As we age, it’s important to continue building nerve connections in our brain’s pathways. So, relax, have fun and enjoy Dr. Tiny. And by the way, a small shapeable pillow is fun to toss around.

Use Dr. Tiny to relieve shoulder pain â—Ź Use it as a knee cushion

Massage Table – Together, Dr. Tiny and Cozy Curvy make a nice Massage Table.

Micro adjustments –  Dr. Tiny can be placed on Cozy Curvy to make micro adjustments. This illustration shows Dr. Tiny adding a small head lift to the shoulder relief position.

Healthy back sleeping – Place Dr. Tiny in the Open Center for a more traditional back sleeping pillow experience. Or better yet, after a few days, remove Dr. Tiny to achieve the ideal back sleeping posture.


Premium Memory Foam – Using heat responsive technology, we crafted a luxurious Visco-elastic foam formula ideally suited for Cozy Curvy. Our 100% Premium Memory Foam molds perfectly to the shape of your head and neck, guaranteeing custom support yet retaining its shape after each use.

Benefits of Tencel – Tencel’s softness and breathability make it stand out. Tencel also drapes nicely and holds vibrant dyes well, with little risk of bleeding in the washing machine. Plus, Tencel is hypoallergenic and won’t irritate those with sensitive skin.

Breathability – Tencel is naturally breathable, so air can flow in and out of the material and prevent heat retention. Tencel also wicks away moisture and dries quickly, a nice feature if you’re prone to night sweats.

Durability – Tencel is more durable than organic cotton. Some cotton fabrics shrink in the wash; however, Tencel won’t lose its shape. Also, Tencel tends to feel softer after every wash.

Appearance – Tencel looks and feels like silk. The material has a slight sheen and feels soft to the touch. Tencel is also less likely to wrinkle than cotton.

Hypoallergenic – Not only is Tencel soft, but the natural fiber doesn’t irritate sensitive skin, making for high-quality hypoallergenic pillow cover. Also, Tencel’s moisture-wicking properties ensure the fabric is less susceptible to bacteria growth. Bacteria growth could otherwise lead to an unpleasant odor and allergic reactions, like sneezing and coughing.


Egyptian Cotton Envelope Style Pillowcase

Every Cozy Curvy is bundled with on 100% Egyptian Cotton Pillowcase. Our easy loose-fitting pillowcase is custom designed for Cozy Curvy. It is machine washable and dryable in any temperature.

Long-lasting design

Our durable, luxurious pillow is made from carefully sourced exceptional materials. We practice win-win strategies. It’s better for the environment, makes you feel good, and is a credit to our reputation. Cozy Curvy will last a long time, and that makes everybody happy!

Reusability and recyclability

We use Tencel fabric. Companies can recycle and reuse unused materials through REFIBRA™ technology to create Tencel fibers, so there’s less waste. Also, since Tencel is a naturally derived fiber, it’s biodegradable.

Sustainable materials

Our Tencel fabric is made from sustainably managed eucalyptus plantations. Eucalyptus trees can grow up to 100 feet within ten years. Plus, the constant harvest and growth of these trees won’t degrade the soil.

Something else

Like cotton, our Tencel fabric is made from plant materials; however, unlike cotton, Tencel requires less water and uses less energy. Cozy Curvy is compressed, and then packaged. Thus, reducing packaging materials and fuel.

FAQ for Purchases

What are the dimensions of the Cozy Curvy Pillow?

  • 26.5″ x 16″ x 5.3″ (67cm x 41cm x 13.5cm). The neck geometry (height and width) varies depending on the side you are sleeping on. The Cozy Curvy Pillow adapts to your body.

Would it be possible to buy more than one Cozy Curvy?

  • Definitely! If you want even more than one please increase the quantity of your order. Each order will come in a separate shipping box.

How will I know if my pillow is shipped out?

  • You’ll receive a tracking number as soon as we ship out the products. To give you peace of mind, our team has partnered with a highly experienced international and logistics company. Our previous quality products, including the original crowdfunding campaign where were delivered on-time.

Thank you for supporting the Cozy Curvy project. Helping others improve their sleep quality is why we do this project!

Risks and challenges

We have previously run a crowdfunding campaign, check it out –

With this in mind, we already have the manufacture lined up, and we have worked with them before. While there is no risk-free project – we see the biggest risk to be timing. Refunds will be offered for any orders unable to be fulfilled by the posted shipping date.


  • Part 1: ” This is a wonderful pillow, and works well with a c-pap mask for soothing restful sleep! For almost seven years I haven’t been able to sleep on my back but with the Cozy Curvy and Dr. Tiny I have been able to enjoy my preferred sleeping position after a way too long being forced to sleep on either my stomach or side. With it’s incredible design and patented foam core I feel like I have so many comfort options to meet my needs. The Cozy Curvy pillow and Dr. Tiny companion feel like the pillow of tomorrow giving me the rest I need today.”
  • Part 2: “Greetings. I hope you’re having an enjoyable day. I am messaging for the purpose of letting you know with the Cozy curvy I’m going to insist to my mother to try it since she has been having pain complications and I want to see if the pillow will help. The whole purpose to this is just update as another day sleeping with a pillow despite not having good sleep habits and I feel in good spirits I feel like I have energy and despite roughly a week of overdoing it socially to where I can tell my body is not happy with me I’m managing roughly okay which I feel is a huge thing to where if I was using the previous pillow I had it would be different. So if she does like it I don’t care if it’s at full cost I would want to get her one but that’s probably an issue for like next month or something.” – Jorge M, sleeps with a CPAP and has chronic pain

  • “I received the second one today. Thanks! But more importantly…. Last night was my first night using my Cozy Curvy and O.M.G.!!!!! Absolutely the BEST sleep I’ve had in a long time! I have fusions in my cervical spine and have had a tough time finding a comfortable pillow situation. I even went as far as to keep two small throw pillows on either side of my regular pillow to accommodate my neck. That was not nearly as efficient as the Cozy Curvy! The support on my neck was superb. My neck and head were comfortably supported, and when I turned on my side the Cozy Curvy kept my neck in line comfortably. Dr. Tiny was great to use as a knee pillow. Cozy Curvy is a heaven-sent product! I’m so happy I could be a part of getting it started!Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! ” – Micha

See an extended interview with Dr. Plotkin here:

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